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The real premium sound upgrade for your car

For true music enthusiasts, standard audio systems from car manufacturers do not offer the sound quality that is expected from a true hifi system. And even the factory upgradepackages often do not meet the real needs of ambitious music lovers. This gives the impression that muscal enjoyment in a vehicle can only be achieved with considerable effort

But the installation of an uncompromising sound system is unfortunately more than ever in conflict with the conversion options in modern vehicles. Not everyone is willing to make major changes to the car - in the case of leased vehicles, this is even a “no go” in most cases.

MATCH products from Audiotec Fischer are specially developed as a solution to all these problems. MATCH brings true hi-fi sound into your car as simple as possible, without touching the charm of the “original”. Outstanding sound due to latest DSP technology combined with a clever plug & play concept for easy installation - that's MATCH. The installation effort is reduced to a minimum thanks to car-specific adapter cables. The system can be removed just as easily “without a trace” - ideal when you have to return your leasing vehicle of if you like to sell your car at a later date.

Match MS 42C-BMW.1 pair speakers
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Match MS 42C-BMW.1 2 Way 4 Inch Component Car Speakers for 1 3 5 Series 60w RMS

MATCH MS 42C-BMW.1Approved compatibility with 1-series (E81/82/87/88), 3-series (E90/91/92/93), 5-series (E60/61) and X1 (E84)The stunning solution not only for enthusiasts – here’s a complete 2-way speaker system that replaces the poor sounding BMW standard speaker configuration. 

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