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Kicker 8" CompRT Thin Profile Subwoofer Sub Bass Box Enclosures 4ohm 300w RMS

8" CompRT 4 Ohm EnclosurePart Number: 43TCWRT84The new CompRT® Subwoofer Enclosures make surprisingly strong, smooth bass in a box under seven inches deep.

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Kicker Audio KA41KST204 Elite KS Series 0.75" 20mm Tweeters 65w RMS Pair

KS 0.75" (20 mm) Tweeter Set with CrossoversPart Number 41KST204 | KA41KST204

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Kicker Audio KA43CSC674 CS Series 6.5" 16.5cm Car Door Coaxial Speakers 100w RMS

CS 6.75" (165 mm) Coaxial Speaker SystemPart Number 43CSC674 | KA43CSC674

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Kicker Audio KA43CSC684 CS Series 6x8" Car Door Shelf Coaxial Speakers

CS 6" x 8" (160 x 200 mm) Coaxial Speaker SystemPart Number 43CSC684 | KA43CSC684

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Kicker Audio KA43CWRT102 10" CompRT Thin Profile Car Sub Subwoofer 2ohm 400w RMS

10" CompRT 2 OhmPart Number: 43CWRT102 | KA43CWRT102The only thing thin about the CompRT® Subwoofer is the mounting depth. Whether it’s on the road, sand or trail, these tough subs work perfectly in nearly anything with a motor.

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Kicker Audio KA45KEY180.4 Key Smart 4 Channel Car Amp Amplifier & DSP 4x45w RMS

The Key Smart AmplifierPart Number: KEY180.4 | KA45KEY180.4The biggest advance - in the smallest package.Introducing the KEY smart amplifier and audio processor in one, featuring A.I.-driven DSP.

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Kicker CompC 12" Vented Loaded Subwoofer Sub Enclosure Bass Box 4ohm 300w RMS