Car Electronics Nottingham's Volkswagen Transporter T6 Demonstration Van

We’re delighted to unveil our Volkswagen T6 Demonstration Van.

The system consists of BIT Play sending Hi-Res FLAC to BIT ONE HD by optical and then into Audison THESIS Class A Amplifiers, these are then powering Violino Tweeters and Hertz Mille Legend Woofers.

Custom fabrication work to the rear of the vehicle was required, including Alcantara display panels for the amplifiers, Thesis Violino tweeters into the original VW cup holders and a new Alcantara roof lining. All of this fabrication work was completed in house.


  • Alpine iLX-F903D
  • Audison Bit Play HD


  • Audison Bit One HD


  • Audison Voce 5.1K HD
  • Audison Thesis Due
  • Audison Thesis Uno
  • Audison Thesis Uno


  • Audison TH 1.5 Il Violino
  • Hertz Mille Legend ML 1800.3
  • Hertz Mille Legend ML 280.3
  • Hertz Mille Legend ML 1650.3
  • Hertz Mille Legend ML 2500.3


  • Connection Sonus SFD 41C Distribution
  • Stinger 6000 Series RCA
  • Stinger 6000 Power Kit


  • Skinz 3MM Soundproofing
  • Skinz Panel Liner
  • Acoustic Foam Fast Rings


  • Custom Made Subwoofer Enclosure
  • MFD Speaker Collars
  • Alcantara Tweeter Mounts
  • Custom Built Rear Panels with Acoustic Carpet & Alcantara
  • Alcantara Roof with LED Down Lights
  • RGB LED Strip Lighting