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Audiotec Fischer Conductor Remote Control for Brax Match Helix Amplifier DSP

CONDUCTORThe CONDUCTOR combines design and functionality in perfection.

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Helix Director TouchScreen Remote
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Audiotec Fischer Director TouchScreen Display Remote Control Brax, Helix & Match

DIRECTOR - Display Remote ControlUniversal Remote Control with Touchscreen

£249.99 IN STOCK
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Audiotec Fischer URC.3 Remote Control for Brax, Helix and Match DSP Sub Volume

URC.3The universal cable remote control URC.3 allows controlling different functions such as subwoofer volume or HEC / MEC / AUX volume of BRAX, HELIX and MATCH DSP products.It consists of two rotary knobs and a switch, all of which can be easily defined from our DSP PC-Tool suite. The specific configuration options for each product can be found in the "Device configuration menu” (DCM) software package.

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